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Leed Environmental, Inc.



Leed Environmental, Inc. performs environmental due diligence reviews to provide information to assist our clients in understanding the regulatory compliance status of our clients' facilities and to provide the critical information necessary for our clients to understand potential environmental issues, liabilities, and cleanup costs prior to property acquisition or other property transactions. We also assist our clients in developing strategies to address compliance issues and environmental liabilities.

Leed Environmental, Inc.'s environmental due diligence services include:

  • Reviews of state and federal environmental databases and historical reports
  • Transaction screens
  • Phase 1 environmental site assessments
  • Phase 2 investigations​
  • Peer review of reports
  • Compliance audits
  • Environmental management audits
  • Report preparation

Leed Environmental, Inc.'s environmental due diligence services are commonly performed for the following reasons:

  • Business risk assessment
  • Compliance status evaluations
  • Property acquisitions or divestiture
  • Real estate evaluation and property development
  • Financing/refinancing
  • Company mergers
  • Facility closures
  • Bankruptcy proceedings

For one European manufacturer, we were asked to evaluate its European operations against United States regulatory requirements as part of a potential acquisition by a United States corporation.