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Leed Environmental, Inc.




Leed Environmental, Inc. is a specialized environmental management company whose core business is providing project coordination, project management, and technical advisory services for Superfund sites involving multi-party steering committees. More than 95% of the work historically performed by Leed Environmental, Inc. since it was founded in 1993 has involved project coordination services for multi-party Steering Committees or individual companies responsible for completing remedial investigations, feasibility studies, remedial designs, removal and remedial activities, operation and maintenance activities, and long-term monitoring activities for Superfund sites located throughout the United States. Leed Environmental, Inc. also has similar extensive experience for Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste sites, brownfields sites, and other contaminated properties.


Mr. Jeffrey A. Leed, the founder and President of Leed Environmental, Inc., performs project coordination and management services on a day-to-day basis for Leed Environmental, Inc.'s clients. Since 1979, he has accumulated more than 36 years of environmental project coordination, management, and consulting experience. Mr. Leed has been involved in all facets of Superfund site activities and RCRA corrective action activities and has worked extensively on behalf of his clients (frequently multi-party steering committees) with representatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), numerous state regulatory agencies, mayors and local agencies, private residents, and citizen's groups.


Mr. Leed has been involved in Superfund site project coordination activities since the time that President Jimmy Carter signed the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA, or Superfund) in 1980. Mr. Leed was involved, and performed technical advisory, project management, and project coordination services as part of one of the first privately funded Superfund remedial actions, a cleanup of lead-containing soil from hundreds of residential properties in a low-income section of Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Leed founded Leed Environmental, Inc. in 1993 to provide project coordination and management services to a diverse group of industries, businesses, and property owners involved in Superfund site activities. At 14 Superfund sites and 2 corrective action properties, Mr. Leed has served for periods frequently exceeding 10 years as the project coordinator for multi-party steering committees and individual clients. In this capacity, Mr. Leed has performed a wide range of administrative, management, and project coordination tasks. He has been involved in various types of Superfund site remedial investigations and cleanups, has frequently been requested to perform community relations activities, and has been responsible for day-to-day contacts and communications with the technical and legal staffs of the steering committees, with the steering committee's environmental consultants and remedial contractors, and with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.


Leed Environmental, Inc.'s services are performed at the direction of the client and involve intense planning and coordination activities with the client, government regulators, attorneys, corporate environmental staffs, environmental consultants, remediation contractors, and the public.

Our strategic role enables our clients to plan, implement, administer, and complete organizational efforts, site investigation, design and engineering, remedial action, long-term operation and maintenance, and regulatory compliance activities at Superfund sites with complex environmental issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.   In our role as project coordinator, Leed Environmental, Inc. does not compete with the services provided by more traditional environmental consulting and engineering companies. Instead, our strategic role, and the unique competence of our business, is to develop and implement a strategy to:

  • Protect our clients' interests
  • Implement our clients' goals
  • Save our clients' money


In consultation with our clients and in our strategic position as project coordinator on complex projects involving multiple stakeholders, our project coordination execution strategies involve:

  • Comprehensive environmental planning and project scoping
  • Establishing and controlling the strategic direction of demanding projects
  • Proactively providing technical, administrative, and financial management services
  • Directing environmental consultants and remediation contractors
  • Aggressively pursuing project performance goals (scope, schedule, costs, etc.)


Leed Environmental, Inc.'s key strengths, which make Leed Environmental, Inc. uniquely qualified to perform the duties of the project coordinator, include extensive experience in the following disciplines:

  • Strategic client representation
  • Experienced management of multi-party technical committees
  • Thorough documentation and communication skills
  • Proactive project planning
  • Comprehensive scope of work/work plan development
  • Negotiation with regulatory agencies
  • Ability to develop cost-effective solutions within complex regulatory frameworks
  • Creative problem solving
  • Preparation of comprehensive bid documents and contracts
  • Procurement services for site investigation, design, remediation, and operation and maintenance
  • Construction management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Information management 
  • Community relations


The management of Superfund projects involving multiple potentially responsible parties or individual clients is a complex process that requires a combination of administrative, management, and technical skills to successfully plan, develop, and implement the various phases of work needed to complete Superfund site remediation in a cost-effective manner. Leed Environmental, Inc. has helped its multi-party clients and individual clients achieve their goals on Superfund projects by successfully performing the following tasks:


  • Coordination of steering committee decision-making activities
  • Document preparation to summarize technical issues, costs, etc. to facilitate our client's decision-making
  • Consensus-building among client representatives
  • Schedule development, implementation, and tracking 
  • Proactive planning with environmental consultants, contractors, regulatory agencies, and other project participants 


  • ​​​Aggressive implementation of the steering committee's plans and goals
  • Work scope preparation
  • Preparing requests for proposals, bid documents, and project specifications
  • Coordinating bidding activities, bid reviews, and contractor selection
  • Contract preparation, implementation, and management  ​


  • Coordinating meetings and conference calls 
  • Preparing and distributing reports documenting conference calls and meetings with the client, environmental consultants, remedial contractors, and regulatory agencies
  • Monitoring and verifying compliance with Consent Order, Administrative Order, and Consent Decree requirements and deadlines
  • Maintaining the document repository​


  • Management and coordination of technical committee activities
  • Consent Order and Consent Decree negotiation 
  • Negotiation, liaison, and resolution of technical issues with regulatory agencies
  • Oversight of remedial investigations and feasibility studies performed by environmental consultants
  • Technical support to facilitate regulatory approvals
  • Remedy negotiation, development, and implementation
  • Remedial action oversight and construction monitoring
  • Insurance recovery and litigation support ​


  • Overseeing, providing guidance, and reviewing and managing activities performed by environmental consultants during the remedial investigation, risk assessment, feasibility study, and remedial design 
  • Reviewing, proofreading, and editing reports prepared by consultants to protect our client's interests
  • Coordinating pre-construction activities
  • Overseeing remedial construction activities
  • Monitoring contractor compliance with contract documents
  • Reviewing contractor submittals and reports
  • Representing our clients on construction issues with the contractor and regulatory agencies


  • Ensuring consultant and contractor compliance with quality assurance plans
  • Periodically observing field activities to confirm consultant and contractor compliance with sampling and analytical protocols
  • Advising our clients of any noncompliance items and addressing corrective measures with the consultant and contractor


  • Budget and cost estimate preparation
  • Tracking and reporting of project costs
  • Reviewing and approving contractor invoices  ​


  • Preparation of access agreements for work on off-site properties
  • Communications (oral and written) with off-site property owners and the public
  • Problem resolution

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