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Leed Environmental, Inc.

NL Industries, Inc. Superfund Site; Pedricktown, New Jersey

Project Description:   The 44-acre, NL Industries, Inc. Superfund Site is located in Pedricktown, New Jersey, adjacent to properties used for commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, and military purposes. The site is bordered on two sides by intermittent tributaries which flow into an Army Corps of Engineers' drainage channel and the Delaware River. Lead-acid battery recycling and secondary lead reclamation operations were conducted at the site from 1972 until 1984.

Scope of Work:   Leed Environmental, Inc. was retained by the Interim Pedricktown Site Group and the Pedricktown Site Group to provide project coordination services and active oversight management for the remedial design, remedial action, and operation and maintenance activities at the site. Remedial activities for soil and sediment at the site, which were conducted during a three-year period from 2000 to 2003, included:

  • Excavation of lead-contaminated soil and stream sediment, stabilization, and off-site disposal of about 151,000 tons of treated soil and sediment;
  • Building demolition;
  • Wetlands mitigation;
  • Management of VOC- and TPH-contaminated soil;
  • Groundwater monitoring;
  • Biological monitoring; and
  • Related activities.

Special Features/Unusual Considerations:   Because of the large volume of contaminated soil at the site and proximity of the site to the Delaware River, the site received high-priority attention from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The remedial design and remedial activities for soil and sediment at the site also involved coordination of soil sampling, soil excavation, and restoration activities with more than 30 property owners.

Responsibilities:   In the role of project coordinator, Leed Environmental, Inc. is responsible for managing all phases of technical activities, including project planning, work plan development, interaction with regulatory authorities and property owners, contractor selection, contractor management, and contractor oversight. The remedial tasks identified above were performed by prime contractors, with certain phases of work performed by subcontractors. Leed Environmental, Inc. was responsible for coordinating all portions of the work with the contractors/subcontractors, regulatory agencies, and the Interim Pedricktown Site Group and the Pedricktown Site Group. Leed Environmental, Inc. was also responsible for obtaining access agreements and coordinating efforts with off-site property owners.

Project Status:   The remedial design and remedial activities for soil and sediment have been successfully completed. Groundwater monitoring, biological monitoring, and operation and maintenance activities which are being managed by Leed Environmental, Inc. for the Interim Pedricktown Site Group and the Pedricktown Site Group are ongoing.

Project Duration for Leed Environmental, Inc.:   Twenty-two  years, ongoing.