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Leed Environmental, Inc.

Poly-Cycle Industries; Palmer, Texas

Site Description:   The Poly-Cycle Industries, Inc. Site was an abandoned hard rubber, plastic, and lead recovery facility located in Palmer, Texas, approximately 20 miles south of Dallas. The 15-acre site operated as a clay quarry and brick manufacturing facility from 1929 until the early 1960s. Beginning in 1977, the site was utilized for battery reclamation operations. Site features included:

  • An abandoned processing building;
  • A 5,000 cubic yard pile of battery chips;
  • A 12,500 cubic yard pile of battery chips;
  • Debris piles;
  • Sludge materials;
  • A former washwater supply pond;
  • Three former clay quarries; and
  • Several small storage sheds.

Responsibilities:   Leed Environmental, Inc. was retained to serve as the technical project coordinator for a group of several companies who had organized as part of efforts to direct response actions at the site. The companies performed an investigation of the site that included sampling and laboratory analysis of soil samples, surface water and sediment samples, and various waste materials. Leed Environmental, Inc. prepared technical specifications, prepared a request for proposal, and coordinated the Group's efforts to solicit contractor bids to implement an on-site consolidation/capping remedy in accordance with the Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program.

Project Status:   Removal activities at the site have been successfully completed.

Project Duration for Leed Environmental, Inc.:    One year, complete.