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Leed Environmental, Inc.

NL/Taracorp Superfund Site; Granite City, Illinois

Project Description:   NL Industries operated a lead-acid battery recycling facility and secondary lead smelter at the site beginning in 1903. In the 1970s, the smelter was sold to Taracorp who continued smelting operations at the site until the mid 1980s. Blast furnace slag, rubber and plastic battery cases, and other lead-containing materials and wastes from facility operations were disposed on the 30-acre site. Remedial activities performed by the NL Industries/Taracorp Superfund Site Group included:

  • On-site soil excavation;
  • Construction of an engineered, multi-layer cap on the waste pile;
  • Drum removal;
  • UST removal;
  • Construction of a new bottom-lined landfill cell with a leachate collection system;
  • Decontamination and demolition activities;
  • Long-term groundwater monitoring;
  • Soil cleanup activities at about 800 off-site residential properties; and
  • Long-term operation and maintenance activities.

Scope of Work:   Leed Environmental, Inc. was retained by the NL/Taracorp Superfund Site Group to provide project coordination services and active oversight management for remedial efforts and operation and maintenance activities at the site.

Special Features/Unusual Considerations:   As noted above, extensive efforts were required to obtain access agreements from about 800 property owners to enable remedial activities to be performed. Leed Environmental, Inc. was responsible for managing all remedial design, remedial action, groundwater monitoring, and operation and maintenance activities for the NL/Taracorp Superfund Site Group, which were performed pursuant to a Consent Decree issued by EPA. EPA formerly considered the NL/Taracorp Site to be the highest profile site within EPA Region V.

Responsibilities:  In the role of project coordinator, Leed Environmental, Inc. was responsible for managing all phases of technical activities, including project planning, work plan development, interaction with regulatory authorities, contractor selection, contractor management, and contractor oversight. The remedial tasks identified above were performed by prime contractors, with certain phases of work performed by subcontractors. Leed Environmental, Inc. was responsible for coordinating all portions of the work with the contractors/subcontractors, regulatory agencies, and the Group.

Project Status:   Remedial activities at the site have been successfully completed. Long-term groundwater monitoring and operation and maintenance activities are ongoing and are being managed for the Group by Leed Environmental, Inc.

Project Duration for Leed Environmental, Inc.:   Seventeen years, ongoing.