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Leed Environmental, Inc.

Four County Landfill Site; DeLong, Indiana

Project Description:    The Four County Landfill in DeLong, Indiana, accepted municipal wastes beginning in 1972. The types of wastes accepted for disposal later increased and ultimately included hazardous wastes as defined by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The landfill continued to operate until 1989 when the facility declared bankruptcy and the facility became a state Superfund site.

Scope of Work:  Leed Environmental, Inc. was retained by the Four County Landfill RI/FS Steering Committee and later the Four County Landfill Group to provide project coordination services and active oversight management for operable unit one (landfill cap and on-site groundwater). Leed Environmental, Inc. participated in the remedial investigation, feasibility study, remedial design, remedial action, and operation and maintenance activities. Remedial activities at the site for operable unit one included:

  • Construction of a RCRA Subtitle C cap with geocomposite layer over the 27-acre site;
  • Collection of leachate from lined landfill cells and disposal at an off-site facility;
  • Construction of storm water controls;
  • Excavation of VOC-contaminated soil;
  • Landfill gas monitoring;
  • On-site monitoring well abandonment;
  • Groundwater monitoring; and
  • Operation and maintenance activities.

Special Features/Unusual Considerations:  Environmental issues at the site were complex and involved numerous tasks (remedial investigations, risk assessments, feasibility studies, remedial designs, and remedial activities) being performed concurrently. Leed Environmental, Inc. was responsible for managing all technical tasks for the Steering Committee and Group.

Responsibilities:  In the role of project coordinator, Leed Environmental, Inc. was responsible for managing all phases of technical activities, including project planning, work plan development, interaction with regulatory authorities, contractor selection, contractor management, and contractor oversight. The remedial tasks identified above were performed by prime contractors, with certain phases of work performed by subcontractors. Leed Environmental, Inc. was responsible for coordinating all portions of the work with the contractors/subcontractors, regulatory agencies, and the Steering Committee and Group.

Project Status: The remedial investigation, feasibility study, remedial design, and remedial activities for operable unit one have been successfully completed.

Project Duration for Leed Environmental, Inc.:  Eight years, complete.