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Leed Environmental, Inc.




Leed Environmental, Inc. is a specialized environmental management company whose core business is providing project coordination, project management, and technical advisory services for RCRA hazardous waste sites. More than 95% of the work historically performed by Leed Environmental, Inc. since it was founded in 1993 has involved project management coordination services for clients responsible for completing site investigations, feasibility studies, corrective measures studies, and remediation. Leed Environmental, Inc. also has similar extensive experience for Superfund sites (frequently involving multi-party Steering Committees), brownfields sites, and other contaminated properties.


Mr. Jeffrey A. Leed, the founder and President of Leed Environmental, Inc., performs project coordination and management services on a day-to-day basis for Leed Environmental, Inc.'s clients. Since 1979, he has accumulated more than 35 years of environmental project coordination, management, and consulting experience. Mr. Leed has been involved in all facets of Superfund site activities and RCRA corrective action activities and has worked extensively on behalf of his clients (frequently multi-party steering committees) with representatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), various state regulatory agencies, mayors and local agencies, private residents, and citizen's groups.


Mr. Leed has been involved in hazardous waste management and project coordination activities since the time that EPA began to issue Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste regulations in 1979-1980.  

Mr. Leed founded Leed Environmental, Inc. in 1993 to provide project coordination and management services to a diverse group of industries, businesses, and property owners involved in activities associated with complex RCRA hazardous waste sites. Collectively, he has performed a wide range of administrative, management, project coordination, and technical advisory services.


Leed Environmental, Inc.'s services are performed at the direction of the client and involve intense planning and coordination activities with the client, government regulators, attorneys, corporate environmental staffs, environmental consultants, remediation contractors, and the public.

Our strategic role enables our clients to plan, implement, administer, and complete organizational efforts, site investigation, design and engineering, remedial action, long-term operation and maintenance, and regulatory compliance activities at Superfund sites with complex environmental issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.   In our role as project coordinator, Leed Environmental, Inc. does not compete with the services provided by more traditional environmental consulting and engineering companies. Instead, our strategic role, and the unique competence of our business is to develop and implement a strategy to:
Protect our clients' interests

  • Implement our clients' goals
  • Save our clients' money

Because our execution strategies, key strengths, and services for RCRA hazardous waste sites are comparable to corresponding work we perform for multi-party steering committees for Superfund sites, click the link below for additional information regarding Leed Environmental, Inc.'s execution strategies, key strengths, and services.

       Leed Environmental, Inc.'s Superfund Project Coordination for Multi-Party Steering Committees and Individual Clients