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Leed Environmental, Inc.




As part of our efforts to minimize our client's potential liabilities and hazardous waste disposal costs, Leed Environmental, Inc. has significant expertise related to the planning, development, and implementation of programs that successfully delist our clients' listed hazardous wastes from the RCRA Subtitle C hazardous waste management program. For our clients, Leed Environmental, Inc.'s waste delisting services have included:

  • Scoping and project management
  • ​Direct communications with EPA staff and state regulatory personnel
  • ​Developing a “constituent list” for the sampling and analysis program and resolving issues with EPA related to the “constituent list"
  • ​​Coordinating efforts with independent chemists and developing, preparing, and implementing quality assurance and quality control protocols for waste sampling and analysis
  • Preparing sampling and analysis plans and directing the implementation of the plans
  • Reviewing laboratory data and modeling landfill leachate generation using the EPA Region 6 Delisting Risk Assessment Software
  • Preparing delisting petitions and addressing EPA's comments
  • Preparing comments on the proposed delisting following publication by EPA in the Federal Register
  • ​Assisting clients in implementing compliance programs for the delisted wastes
  • ​Other technical activities


Leed Environmental, Inc. is proud to have served as part of specialized teams of experts that have successfully achieved waste delistings for our clients. Our accomplishments include:

  • Delisting of K069 emission control sludge from secondary lead reclamation facilities. Although the client pursued a "delisting," EPA isued an administrative stay. Click the link below for the May 1, 1991 Federal Register notice.

                 May 1, 1991 Federal Register Notice

  • ​Delisting of F019 wastewater treatment sludge. Click the link below for the June 4, 2008 Federal Register notice.

                  June 4, 2008 Federal Register Notice