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Leed Environmental, Inc.

Ramona Park Landfill; Utica, Michigan

Site Description:   The Ramona Park Landfill was a closed industrial/sanitary landfill in an area zoned for general business and light manufacturing uses on the banks of the Clinton River in Utica-Shelby Township, Michigan.

Responsibilities:  Leed Environmental, Inc. was retained as a technical project consultant by the Ramona Park Landfill PRP Group. Leed Environmental, Inc. assisted in the preparation of a removal action work plan, prepared technical specifications and requirements for site cleanup, prepared a bid request and solicited contractor bids for cleanup efforts at the site, and performed other technical activities.

Special Features/Unusual Considerations:   The landfill contained a 5.5-acre battery casing area between the landfill and the Clinton River on a small peninsula situated within the flood plain of the Clinton River.

Project Status:   Removal activities at the site have been successfully completed.

Project Duration for Leed Environmental, Inc.:   One year, complete.