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Leed Environmental, Inc.

We work proactively and diligently on all projects to represent our clients, implement our clients' goals, and to achieve cost-effective environmental solutions within complex regulatory frameworks. Some of our significant accomplishments include:


  • Performed project coordination, management, and consulting services as part of one of the first privately funded Superfund remedial actions, a cleanup of lead-impacted soil from hundreds of residential properties in a low-income section of Dallas, Texas
  • Consulting and technical services related to more than 75 federal and state-equivalent Superfund sites
  • Named as project coordinator for multi-party steering committees at 14 sites (with work at 4 active sites, each exceeding 15 years)
  • More than 90 industrial/commercial property remedial actions completed
  • More than 1,000 residential property remedial actions completed (34 additional properties in progress)
  • More than 60 projects for battery recycling/secondary lead smelter sites completed
  • 1,500,000+ tons of contaminated soil remediated
  • More than 9,000,000 pounds of battery cases and other lead-containing materials reclaimed
  • Over 6,500,000 gallons of landfill leachate and storm water treated
  • Groundwater assessments and remediations at
    30 sites
  • Landfill closures at
    9 sites
  • Stream sediment assessment and remediation at
    10 sites
  • Lagoon/surface impoundment remediations at
    3 sites


  • Involved in management, consulting, and regulatory compliance services since the time EPA began to issue final hazardous waste management regulations in 1979-1980
  • Project coordination and management services for more than 55 sites involving more than 100 individual projects
  • Named as project coordinator for 2 complex sites undergoing corrective action  (with work at 1 active site for more than 8 years)
  • 2 nationally recognized hazardous waste delistings (K069 and F019 wastes)
  • 250+ facilities - RCRA hazardous waste compliance services and environmental audits
  • 4 facilities - RCRA Part B permits


  • Environmental due diligence, involving more than 500 sites
  • More than 60 sites - environmental permits
  • Phase 1/Phase 2  environmental site assessments and investigations at more than 100 properties
  • Wastewater-, storm water-, and groundwater-related projects at more than 100 sites